24th & 25th of November

All Netrunners are invited to the LaserRunner weekend! A special weekend of Netrunner with several events:

The main event is a regular Netrunner tournament with very special features, and takes place on Saturday, the 24th of November, with Swiss rounds and Top cut on the same day.

1: Every participant receives a lasered identity upon signin at the event.
2: Identities will be lasered in acrylic or wood.
3: The lasered identity will be either the Runner or Corp that the participant is playing at the main event. Choice of to be lasered identity by TO.
4: Identities are locked upon registration*. This is to have enough time to laser all the identities and design any required new versions. Decklists are not locked.
5: Extra identities will be available for trade or purchase at the event itself.

* Chosen identities may be changed until Monday, the 29th of October.

The second event is the King of Lasers team event, with 3 person teams forming to battle it out for the title of the King of Lasers! This will be run as a regular KoS (King of Servers) event with some light tweaks and takes place on Sunday, the 25th of November.

The entire LaserRunner weekend, including King of Lasers, will take place in the city of Enschede. Easily reachable by car or train and with several affordable hotels nearby the venue, the city of Enschede offers everything needed for a smooth and memorable day or weekend of running the Nets. The Enschede meta looks forward to welcoming you!


Laser Runner

Saturday 24.11.2018

↳ Rules:
– TO & Judge: Elwin “Jakuza”
– MWL: 2.2
– Legality of Magnum Opus cards: See under.
– Same legal cardpool as last World Championship: Revised Core, all big boxes including Reign & Reverie and Terminal Directive, Lunar until Kitara cycles. Additionally Champ cards are legal.

↳ Magnum Opus 
– World Championship cards: Legal.
– Player created cards: Not legal.
– To be clear: “Hired Help” & “Watch the World Burn” are not legal.

↳ Nisei:
– We will be using the Nisei Comprehensive Rules doc: Nisei Ruledoc
– If you are familiar with Nisei: The above is basically the Snapshot format, with Champ cards additionally legal.
– We are not playing with SystemCore. We are still with RevisedCore.

↳ Registration
– Participation: € 20,-
– Max capacity: 48

↳ Registration: The event is fully sold out. If you’d still like to be put on the reserve list, please contact the TO via Slack, Facebook DM or the contact form here.

↳ Times (to be confirmed):
09.30 – Doors open
10.15 – Signin closed
10.30 – Start of first round

Swiss rounds and the final cut will be taking place on the same day; Saturday. We expect to run 5-6 rounds of Swiss, followed by a small Top cut.


Community created / fan alt arts are allowed, but please bring the original cards as well. Check all cards with the TO beforehand to be sure. A roughly similar thing goes for proxies, but readability and easy recognizability is key here. In colour, in a high enough print quality (dpi) and backed with a for your deck illegal official ANR card is a good start.

Printed deck lists will be required at the event. Blank deck lists will be provided, so you may write down your decklists at the event.

Bringing your own food & drink is allowed at all the events. The venue is literally located in a building which also houses a full food hall, with 10 different kitchens, so bringing food is definitely not required. Please keep things tidy in our own hall though, as we would like to use the venue in the future as well.


– Participation: One acrylic or wooden alt from one of the two ID’s locked on registration.
– Plenty of prizing on top of this, to be announced at a later date.
– Champion: Personal version of acrylic or wooden ID to be created together with Jakuza. This can be either a completely new artwork, or a personalized version of an existing ID.


King of Lasers

Sunday 25.11.2018

↳ King of Lasers specific details:

For those not familiar with team Netrunner events, the concept is as follows:

  • Teams of 3 each register for the event via the website below
  • No two players on each team may play the same faction, either as Runner or Corp. Mini-factions are considered a single faction.
  • We will play 4 or 5 rounds of Swiss, depending on the number of teams registered.
  • Prestige is gained as in regular Swiss, with the total team prestige for each round counting towards their total score.
  • Teams will be paired according to Swiss rules, with teams of like total prestige facing off. Players in the matchups will then be seated in order of their individual prestige, so the highest prestige player on a team will play the highest prestige player on the opposing team, and so forth for the remaining two players.
  • Team talk is allowed – encouraged, even! – except during the last 5 minutes of each round.

↳ Rules:

Same as on main event on Saturday, but in short:
– MWL: 2.2
– World Championship cards: Legal.
– Player created cards: Not legal.

↳ Times:
9.30 – Doors open
10.15 – End of registration
10.30 – Start of first round

↳ Registration
– Participation: Included in main event on Saturday.
– Team & free agent registration site: kol.emergencyshutdown.net



We’ve chosen to host the LaserRunner weekend in one of the most prolific and “gezellig” venues of the region; the Performance Factory.  The entire weekend will take place in an intimate but very accommodating hall within the venue. The Performance Factory is based next to the centre of Enschede, sitting next to convenient parking opportunities and within walking distance of the train station.

Location for Laser Runner

One of the halls within the Performance Factory. Use the Twentsche Foodhall entrance (exact address listed below) to enter the building. You will be directed to the Netrunner events.


Performance Factory & Twentsche Foodhall
(Use Gebouw Zuid / South building to navigate, use Foodhall entrance)
Hoge Bothofstraat 39a
7511 ZA – Enschede

Drinking & eating

The Twentsche Foodhal, with 10 different kitchens is located within the same building and will be more than sufficient for all our drinking and eating needs.



All events for the Laser Runner weekend:

Friday, 23rd of November

Community dinner / Beer tasting event
17.00 – Gather at location
18.00 – Dinner
Location: Twentsche Foodhal, Enschede

The above times are preliminary and to be confirmed.

Saturday, 24th of November

LaserRunner – Main event (Swiss + Top cut)
09.30 – Doors open
10.15 – Signin closed
10.30 – Start of first round
Location: Performance Factory (Gebouw Zuid / South building), Enschede

The focus will be on the Laser Runner event, both Swiss rounds and top cut. No side events planned so far, but there is enough room available at the location for casual side games.

Sunday, 25th of November

King of Lasers

9.30 – Doors open
10.30 – Start of first round
Location: Performance Factory (Gebouw Zuid / South building), Enschede

The focus will be on the King of Lasers team event.

  Location for all events


Performance Factory (Gebouw Zuid / South building)
Hoge Bothofstraat 39a
7511 ZA Enschede
The Netherlands